Michel Platini – The Messiah of Football

This weekend UEFA President Michel Platini had many things to tell us on the future of our beloved game of football. According to recent investigations made by UEFA, one of the main problems causing the dramatic differences of quality between rich and poor clubs, is that the poorer clubs cannot manage debt as well as the richer ones.

But there is a wider question, as to whether people can just play the free market, UEFA is concerned first and foremost about the spirit of the game and balance of competition.

According to recent Club releases, Chelsea and Manchester United owe a record of over 1.2 billion Euros due to excessive loans. Platini stated his awareness that rich and poor clubs will always exist, but the taking in of debt is what causes most of the disadvantages between the world’s various leagues. He has only allowed the recent buying of Manchester City by a foreign investor, as it was the only way to save the club from going bankrupt. Yet some clubs could not share the same fate, as last year Scotland’s Gretna FC seized to exist due to the excessive loans taken just to remain in competition with the Old Firm (Celtic and Rangers).

During his term, Platini is expected to implement other rules and restrictions to the richer clubs, showing a President capable to work for the “good of the game.”


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