Chelsea presses on


It’s a cold, gloomy and windy day out here in west Toronto. I felt cozy, warm watching Chelsea and Blackburn fight in the miserable weather out in Lancashire. It wasn’t the most interesting match to watch, but because of the warning that the game could be abandoned, I hoped for dear life Chelsea would score before the half.

Anelka put Chelsea up 1-nil before half-time, as Jose Bosingwa’s hopeful strike from 40 yards out deflected off of Anelka’s knee and passed Paul Robinson. The rain ceased after 50 minutes, as predicted and the match went on full of reckless tackles and careless turnovers. The keepers kept the game close. Robinson saved a couple good strikes from Frank Lampard, who continues to impress each game. Petr Cech, who was caught out of position, kept out a sure goal from a blast by Chilean midfielder, Carlos Villanueva from inside the area to keep Chelsea up. Jason Roberts, who turned John Terry – also from inside the area – saw his shot deflected out by the Czech keeper to maintain a cleansheet.

Anelka scored his second in the 67th minute to quietly put the game away and put Chelsea back on top of the League table. But Chelsea’s best moments were in the last 15 minutes, maintaining good possession and counter-attacking in full-blitz fashion. There were moments during the match, where I thought Chelsea were uninspiring and almost careless – mimicking the same attitude that saw them throw the game away to Roma in mid-week. I’ve become more critical of Chelsea during the last couple of months and this was definitely one of those games, where I thought they could’ve done more. But let’s save it for another time in more favorable conditions.

Key moments of the match:

  • Frank Lampard is kneed at the back of the head and turns into “Feisty Frank,” not accepting Vincenzo Grella’s handshake, despite replays showing it was an accident.
  • Vincenzo Grella would need to come out of the match because of injury, but most likely because of the incident involving his knee accidentally hitting Lampard at the back of the head.
  • Paul Robinson’s overacting during his “saves.” The ball doesn’t weigh that much, Paul.
  • More “sexy football” talk & it’s funny this notion of sexy football comes out Filipe Scolari, who turns 60 today.

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