Time For A Drogba Divorce


There is a lot of risk to keep Didier Drogba and it is Chelsea’s fault. Why keep a player who has had doubts over his commitment to the team even before the season had started? But more importantly, his character has put Chelsea’s professionalism in question. And this is what Chelsea needs to address within the next two months.


Didier Drogba is fighting a personal battle. His passion for Chelsea is no longer there, though he’s stated over and over again that he is more committed now because of Scolari. However, since his demotion as a bench player, it’s been more evident that he is not willing to play for a team that doesn’t see eye-to-eye with what he believes is right. And what Drogba believes is that he is an important key player and if he is not seen along these lines, then the team is wrong for thinking so.

FBL-ENG-PR-CHELSEA-SUNDERLANDChelsea need to stand their ground because a team is more important than a single player. And if Drogba is committed to Scolari as his manager, then he needs to express that as a professional player. Right now, Drogba is unhappy, unfit, unrealiable – but this is due to his poor form after coming back from injury. Scolari is right in choosing Anelka and Drogba is wrong for taking it personally. Anelka is more determined this season. He took part in Chelsea’s preseason tour in Asia in the Summer and with him, the team is more in sync. In contrast, Drogba is still unaware of Scolari’s tactics. Drogba missed the preseason tour, which I believe was important to Anelka’s emergence this season. For all the games Drogba has missed, Anelka has taken advantage of. He’s become more and more familiar with Scolari and the new Chelsea style of play.

And the new style of play is something more smooth and fluid. It fits Anelka well because he is a finesse player, similar to Deco & Lampard. There is less of a need for that very powerful striker, though it does help Scolari that he has two very different types of players. However, at this moment, Chelsea is happy with this fast, less power, but more polished style of play, which means that players like Drogba, Bridge & Ballack are going to struggle because that style of play contradicts to their personal style.


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I dont know how people in London think, Im from the US, But Chelsea are beyond the level where they have to put up with unmotivated players like this. Well always love him though! Great memories.

Comment by Tedala109

I agree. Chelsea is a very professional team and it does make me sad when I watch old Chelsea matches and how much of a force Drogba used be. But let’s leave things be and move on. I feel Drogba has been ready to do the same since Mourinho left. And it will definitely be a positive step if Chelsea finally move on from Drogba.

Comment by seasidekicks

Drogs is a Chelsea legend end of.

Comment by Chelsea fc

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