Save your money, We don’t need a new home


Chelsea are considering buying a new home at Battersea, some three miles away from their current home. I’m not surprised by this news of wanting to expand to a bigger arena. But it is shocking that this news came out just days after Roman Abramovich had just decided to lay off club personel because of the huge financial crisis.

The new proposed stadium will seat 65,000-75,000 supporters, but will Chelsea have that much support? The Chelsea board are looking to follow the successes of their North London rivals, Arsenal, who since moving away from Highbury to the new Emirates stadium has had revenue of about £3m each home match. But the real problem will lie on the Blues home support, which has lacked in the last year – failing to sell out tickets to big European matches and even home matches. And if Chelsea are having problems filling up a stadium of 42,000 I’m sure they’re running risky business if they plan to spend £500m more in being hopeful. Stamford Bridge has got the charm and it works for some of the league’s more quieter supporters to have a small stadium to fill with their voices.