Chelsea strengthens


Chelsea face Championship side, Burnley tomorrow night in the fourth round of the Carling Cup. Scolari is not taking any chances and will most likely utilize his returning big guns. Didier Drogba will be set to start to try and regain form. Meanwhile, Michael Ballack, Ashley Cole and Joe Cole are all set to make a return and are expected to start at the bench.

This is awesome news at a time, where Chelsea need to gain as many points as they can leading towards the new year. Already ahead of United by 8 points – the Blues will be happy to maintain and gain more points between them and the current champions. Ashley Cole has been missed, as Wayne Bridge looks unsettled to permanently take that spot at leftback. And the fact is Wayne Bridge is a starter in this league and has been surrounded by rumors throughout the season, which will inevitably lead to him leaving Chelsea eventually.

Ballack, who has missed over a month of play, will look to provide some much needed strength in the middle. The strength that Ballack provides is what Chelsea lacks, especially in the Champions League. Besides Anelka’s success so far this season, Chelsea hasn’t looked dangerous in the area since Ballack’s absence and the big German’s manacing presence in the air. Joe Cole’s return will be a blessing for Scolari with the lack of attack and inspiration coming from the right. Bosingwa has been the Blues iron man at the right and the return of Joe should lighten the load on the Portuguese rightback.


England VS Andorra: Cole The Goal

Autumn is coming and there’s change in the horizon. England wins its opening match of the WC’10 Qualifiers against Andorra at Barcelona, despite a goalless first half. Fabio Capello’s in déjà vu land, as he watches Joe Cole strike not just once, but twice to save England from embarassment. J. Cole, who was substituted in to replace Stewart Downing volleyed home a goal four minutes into the second half, then scored again six minutes later. That’s two goals for the little maestro within 10 minutes time. And they’ll need more next Wednesday against Croatia, who tore Kazakhstan 3-0. But there’s a kind of promise of something & the English supporters don’t look too lonesome.