Chill Out, Willie G!


William Gallas has gone crazy and has also fallen out of favor (apparently) with manager, Arsene Wenger. The current Arsenal captain’s madness or lunacy came after the poor result in the North London derby. Arsenal threw away a two-goal lead in the dying minutes of the match, which ended in a draw. There were even rumors of locker room brawls. There were also the losses to Stoke & Aston Villa, which have added even more flames to the fire in the last few weeks.

williamgallasGallas will most likely be stripped of his captaincy & Arsene will have little choice but to do so. But don’t blame the media for blowing this up to the point that Arsenal supporters might as well call the season off. Should we blame Gallas, who has become an orator in the last few weeks? Or Arsene and his “young guns”?

For the sake of the game, I think the “blame game” is bullshit. Arsenal’s inconsistencies are mirrored in their manager, who either praises his Gunners over a win or blames it on everything when they lose. I’ll use this term again, Professionalism – because however a team performs, the manager always has to be professional about it.

I believe the most professional and convincing managers are those that avoid displaying too much of anything. And it’s a little obvious that I’m going to use Scolari as an example of the professional manager because whether it’s after a victory or defeat, Scolari will only & constantly talk about how Chelsea needs to improve. This critical way of approaching such matters is vital in terms of allowing the team to be consistently consistent.

So, I really don’t feel sorry for Arsenal. And Gallas, who will definitely be the scapegoat out of all this deserves to lose his captaincy because it’s totally unprofessional to vent out about your team and play the “blame game” out into the media. And now he’s trying to unite his team and call them out to “war” in order for them to win anything this season. But who will follow his lead once he’s not the captain anymore? Who will listen to someone, who once blackmailed his own team that if he wasn’t allowed to be sold, he would score on his own net? I said it before the season started and I’ll say it again – Arsenal will not win anything this season!